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    John Venice commented  · 

    Paul's comment from last year seems the most feasible. An additional column in the database for an original email address (with the alias, and your existing email address as a normalized email ( If you use the 2 repos mentioned by Not That Hard? you could then normalize on input to the database. You could even run against the existing database and just swap out the emails for normalized ones and copy the originals to the new column. Search feature then handles searches with the normalize and strip functions so it's searching for the same thing that would be found in the database.

    That provides a solution to resolve the normalization of input to the database without the alias, storing the original address involved, and searching for the email by the normalized and stripped email address. Then anyone searching or will in face be searching for, providing them with correct and adjusted results. You simply need to render the alias out in the results by pulling the data and offering it up next to the breach.

    Most people in tech expect a breach to leak an email at some point. It'd be nice to know where from and which alias. Also happens that all people in tech rely on your site to some degree, so the people standing to benefit the most are also your biggest advocates. We're all thankful for all the hard work and time you've put into this, so please don't take any of the comments as a knock on you or the site, it's just a feature that could make a huge difference to many.

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