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    I would love to be able to do a domain search for breaches and pastes using the API as well.

    It would decrease the load on your (already very efficient from the cloudflare caching and Azure functions) system(s) and processing time on mine. What I have to do now is iterate over my active accounts and aliases, then send each one to the API with a 1600 ms delay in between so I can collect breach information about my organizations accounts. If there were 3487 accounts/aliases, that would take about 1.5 hours. And I miss out on breach and paste data about no longer active accounts in my domain.

    If I could make an API call with the key you send me when you notify me of one of my active domain accounts showing up in a breach, I could get the data in one shot or two (one for pastes, one for breaches).
    Where abc123def345ghi678jkl901mno234pqr5 is the key.

    Using the key you send in the "Run another domain search" link button along with the domain, I'd be using a key that's already been created during the domain control verification process. I could send the domain as a second factor.

    Possible? Likely?

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