1. Option to return "no breaches found" in json body, rather than simply a 404 status  ·  declined

  2. Add additional contacting email addresses for domain search

  3. user submission of phish mails that charge bitcoin ransom by putting old password in subject

  4. improvement on awarness and great feature  ·  declined

  5. Has Mega been pwned? I received an email from on 27 June 2020 (extract below)? I had used a strong and unique password.  ·  declined

  6. What is LogoType?  ·  declined

  7. Filter known breaches and pastes in the API  ·  declined

  8. API for recommending to allow/forbid a specific credential set.  ·  declined

  9. update the breached password list download again  ·  completed

  10. send part of password hash per mail  ·  declined

  11. Add possibility to get total count of leaked emails for specific domain through API  ·  declined

  12. Note where aggregation is suspected.  ·  declined

  13. Add breaches that may be hoaxes, but make it clear!  ·  completed

  14. I suggest to implement an email verification that is necessary to get to know whether the email adress one typed in has been pawned or not.  ·  declined

  15. Allow users to login and mark breaches they dealt with  ·  declined

  16. Add credentials API (to check against strong hashes)  ·  declined

  17. Provide further evidence to validate how secure this site is  ·  completed

  18. Full email service for companies to help CISOs

  19. Humio Pawned  ·  declined

  20. fix API v3 rate limiting which claims to be per API key  ·  declined

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