1. Option to return "no breaches found" in json body, rather than simply a 404 status  ·  declined

  2. Add additional contacting email addresses for domain search

  3. improvement on awarness and great feature  ·  declined

  4. user submission of phish mails that charge bitcoin ransom by putting old password in subject

  5. Has Mega been pwned? I received an email from on 27 June 2020 (extract below)? I had used a strong and unique password.  ·  declined

  6. What is LogoType?  ·  declined

  7. Filter known breaches and pastes in the API  ·  declined

  8. API for recommending to allow/forbid a specific credential set.  ·  declined

  9. Creation of a 'vanilla' search page.  ·  declined

  10. update the breached password list download again  ·  completed

  11. send part of password hash per mail  ·  declined

  12. Add possibility to get total count of leaked emails for specific domain through API  ·  declined

  13. Note where aggregation is suspected.  ·  declined

  14. Add breaches that may be hoaxes, but make it clear!  ·  completed

  15. I suggest to implement an email verification that is necessary to get to know whether the email adress one typed in has been pawned or not.  ·  declined

  16. Allow users to login and mark breaches they dealt with  ·  declined

  17. Add credentials API (to check against strong hashes)  ·  declined

  18. Provide further evidence to validate how secure this site is  ·  completed

  19. Full email service for companies to help CISOs

  20. Humio Pawned  ·  declined

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