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Add wildcard support for spamgourmet addresses

Spamgourmet.com allows a user to create disposable email addresses on the fly. That way a unique email address can be used for each web site you sign up for. The structure of an address is identifier[.##].username@spamgourmet.com, where the identifier can change per site and [.##] is an optional max number of emails you want to receive. Because a different address is used for each site it is currently impossible to query HIBP for breaches of all sub-addresses, like *.username@spamgourmet.com. Allowing wildcard search and notification for spamgourmet addresses (or its many alias domains) would enable users to check on any of their disposable addresses.

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  • Fontanka16 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I do the same and I manage my own domain, so it would be good if it could work for any domain name.

  • D commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    While I'd like this too, there is the complication that spamgourmet owns many domains. I don't use *.me@spamgourmet.com, but rather *.me@<other-spamgourmet-domain>.net.

    There was at one time the ability to use one's own domain as a spamgourmet domain (see their FAQ). I did contact the dev's to let me use one of my domains, but I didn't get any response.

  • rsteer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    While Troy has positioned this service as free, perhaps his "number crunching" could come out differently if this particular use-case were a paid feature. It probably shouldn't be THAT hard, although it's complicated by the fact that e-mail providers offering this capability are using different delimiter characters and it looks like some add the extension *before* the base e-mail name while others add it *after*.

    But the people who make use of these aliasing features have demonstrated a higher-than-average personal priority on managing spam, privacy, and security, and would probably be willing to pay a modest amount. If Troy recommended this approach to his users, that might increase its use and increase the number of people wanting to use it as a paid premium service here.

    I take a slightly more time-consuming approach, which DOES work with HIBP: I have a personal domain registered with a domain registrar that offers unlimited e-mail aliases on registered domains. So for any websites that are at all sensitive or that I plan to use frequently, I create a unique e-mail @ my personal domain. For one-offs I use generic temporary addresses that change periodically. (Example: To submit this comment, I will enter my unique e-mail for UserVoice in the e-mail box below the comment-entry box!)

  • IT should work now! commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This was discussed at length in another thread requesting similar for gmail's use of + in their addresses. I'd love it too as I use a different <email>+<sitename>@gmail.com for every website I register on.

    Troy's feedback was he's crunched the numbers and can't justify the commitment of time given the low % of addresses using the convention mentioned.

    It's a shame because I have to consider re-naming all my accounts with the vanilla address so that I can find (and be notified of) the address in a breach.

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