1. Add breaches that may be hoaxes, but make it clear!  ·  completed

  2. Fix Table of Response Codes within API v3 Documentation  ·  completed


  4. Incomplete Data  ·  declined

  5. show an example of the phone number layout for Facebook data search

  6. Full email service for companies to help CISOs

  7. don't log data that has been input via the website  ·  declined

  8. Add MostRecentDate to Domain Search results

  9. Confirmation e-mail before displaying pwned data  ·  declined

  10. question here... are non-user data not exposed?  ·  declined

  11. Investigate this: Dear Alumni & Friends, Report of a Data Security Incident I am writing to notify you of a data security incident that ha  ·  declined

  12. Provide a way for me to see the password data or other data associated with my email. Since I use unique passwords, the source is known.  ·  declined

  13. Add % of p0wn count already in DB as new field in API

  14. Add Retry-After to Access-Control-Expose-Headers  ·  declined

  15. Add incremental updates to the PWNd password data sets  ·  declined

  16. I suggest to implement an email verification that is necessary to get to know whether the email adress one typed in has been pawned or not.  ·  declined

  17. Link Breach Lawsuits  ·  declined

  18. Provide option to delete email addresses after unsubscribing from notifications

  19. Add basic correlation logic to compare newly found pastes against current breaches...

  20. improvements to domain search for bigger companies  ·  declined

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