1. Add breaches that may be hoaxes, but make it clear!  ·  completed

  2. Fix Table of Response Codes within API v3 Documentation  ·  completed


  4. Incomplete Data  ·  declined

  5. show an example of the phone number layout for Facebook data search

  6. don't log data that has been input via the website  ·  declined

  7. Full email service for companies to help CISOs

  8. Confirmation e-mail before displaying pwned data  ·  declined

  9. Add MostRecentDate to Domain Search results

  10. Investigate this: Dear Alumni & Friends, Report of a Data Security Incident I am writing to notify you of a data security incident that ha  ·  declined

  11. question here... are non-user data not exposed?  ·  declined

  12. Provide a way for me to see the password data or other data associated with my email. Since I use unique passwords, the source is known.  ·  declined

  13. Add % of p0wn count already in DB as new field in API

  14. Add Retry-After to Access-Control-Expose-Headers  ·  declined

  15. Add incremental updates to the PWNd password data sets  ·  declined

  16. I suggest to implement an email verification that is necessary to get to know whether the email adress one typed in has been pawned or not.  ·  declined

  17. Link Breach Lawsuits  ·  declined

  18. Add basic correlation logic to compare newly found pastes against current breaches...

  19. improvements to domain search for bigger companies  ·  declined

  20. To use hashed email address as part of the query instead of HTML encoded  ·  declined

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