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  1. update the breached password list download again  ·  completed

  2. Add possibility to get total count of leaked emails for specific domain through API  ·  declined

  3. ACLU was breached thru ( The url is the report site of the ransomware data breach.  ·  declined

  4. To use hashed email address as part of the query instead of HTML encoded  ·  declined

  5. Update with the Zoom data breach  ·  declined

  6. Please reconsider posting data of the Optus hack, their competency to notify us of what info has been shared we do not trust.  ·  declined

  7. fix API v3 rate limiting which claims to be per API key  ·  declined

  8. Humio Pawned  ·  declined

  9. Send me the data, not just the site name  ·  declined

  10. user submission of phish mails that charge bitcoin ransom by putting old password in subject

  11. ... make it easy to see what data are associated with a breach for a given account.  ·  declined

  12. Microsoft flow integration for a domain

  13. API option to only return whether an account is breached or not  ·  completed

  14. Allow notifications for an entire domain or allow a way to pull the domain report without having to verify every time.  ·  declined

  15. Add date stamps to each breach listed on the home page

  16. Add breach  ·  declined

  17. Free Developer Access to Paid API

  18. Notify me of specific site breaches?  ·  declined

  19. Include the affected email address in the API json structure as well.

  20. Test accounts that always return the same results  ·  completed

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